Raquella by RAW :: HOUSE

I don’t know how to fashion blog, and I don’t have any lindens to update my wardrobe. So don’t mistake this for a fashion blog. I recently a updated my laptop. The graphics on my 6 year old laptop were pretty revolting so I’m seeing SL in a *~*~*~*new way~*~*~**~*. Running SL on bad graphics is like trying to make out the New York skyline without your glasses. You know something great is there but you can’t quite see it. Though my new graphics aren’t stellar, they’re a huge improvement and it’s great seeing my avatar in a new way. No more creases on my nose and no more choppy looking hair!

The hair bit is pretty important to me because one of oldest/dearest/best friends on SL does hair. When he told me he was naming design after me I was excited that I’d be able to really use it.

Raquella in Cold #05

The hair is a short, asymmetrical bob which is hip offline, so it was bound to hit mainstream online. How great is it, though? So great, right? The color goes so well with the tres blah skin I picked up at collabor88. Raquella is also available in brown for FREE for those participating in the Seasons Hunt. Which is cool–but I don’t think I could live without the Cold colors.

Skin: Garbo Skin by -tb- @ collabor88
Hair: Raquella by RAW :: HOUSE
Shirt: PouPee hunt gift by honey kitty
Shorts: Highwaisted by Emery
Make Up: Rock N Rolla by Grixdale (no longer)






About Raquella Warrhol

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