Out of Shape

Shapes are a pain to deal with. I sometimes spend way too much time on mine just to make the smallest tweaks. Shapes can make a great skin look even better, or worse. I always cringe a little when I see an obviously expensive or well-made skin on a dopey avatar. Some avatars try to compensate for whatever it is they don’t have offline for avatars that are too tall or too thin with boobs to the moon.

I can’t call myself completely innocent. At 5’3″ IRL, I once had an avatar that was super tall, with the dopiest face. I think it’s sort of creepy when avatars have permanent smiles. It always looks suspect, and yet my old avatar had a gentle (but still eerie) grin. Lucky for you, I’m a sentimental kind of girl, and I have kept the first shape I ever made for you to chortle at:

click for larger image

I think when you’re new to SL it’s difficult to understand proper proportions and what makes sense and what doesn’t. But you learn as you go. I’ve made a lot of tweaks from then to now, sort of following different shape trends. I’ve had permanent frowns, really narrow shoulders, large gaps between my inner thighs, etc. Right now I’m really satisfied with my shape, and I shudder looking at my old shape. But for whatever reason I can’t let it go.


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