Vintage Fair

I hate buying lindens. I wish I was productive enough to just be given lindens. I hadn’t bought any in awhile. Recently I was getting lucky– I took advantage of a drunk person at an infohub, I sang Halo by Beyonce at a karaoke sim, and I also panhandled at infohubs. But when I saw the Vintage Fair was coming I knew that wasn’t enough. After a year of not paying, I caved and paid for lindens.

Unfortunately the Vintage Fair just isn’t navigable. The lag made it impossible for things to rezz and for me to move. Instead I relied on the items I found on various blogs, mainly Seraphim,  and teleported directly to the store via the Vintage Fair’s official site. I expected lag like that, but I’m sad that I missed out on a lot of items.

The coat was from Shi, and the dress was from ufo.

Sometimes I need an item to complete an outfit, and I can never find something suitable. I browse hundreds of pages on the marketplace for some things, searching different variations of its name, and sometimes I never get lucky. And when I can’t find it, I open up blender thinking I’ll be able to finally learn how to use it and just whip one out (I still don’t know how to use it, fyi). This is why I fell in love with Ploom. I have been looking for a beehive for forever, but all of the beehives on the marketplace are super disappointing. I can’t believe it took someone so long to make an updated one.

And this is from my baby gurl, Sheila. League’s knickers and lingerie were my favorite purchases from the Vintage Fair. I paired it with the hair Red Wine by Loq.

P.S. Thumbs down to Whippet & Buck! I love W&B to death, but I was disappointed that they didn’t have anything new and were/are late to bring out the exclusive Vintage Fair items. I know a lot of places regurgitated their already vintage items in their shops, but I just had higher expectations for them. After going back a few times and seeing the same “coming soon” sign, I gave up. Sowwy.


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