Collabor88 June

So moments after finishing my last blog, I remembered the date, and that Collabor88 was going to start in about twenty minutes. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get into the sim, and I kind of dreaded the lag.

Luckily, the C88 team finally started doing shopping guides for their event, so I no longer have to derender everyone in hopes of getting the grey boxes to load faster. To my surprise, the theme looked to be 90s. Sort of coincidental after my last post. I took it as another opportunity to buy things out of my comfort zone.

This theme was right up (Nylon Outfitters) alley. They provided the tie-dye leggings, the hair, and the bindi featured here. I made a joke when I got into the sim about wanting to be buried in u.f.o. when I die. The lips skirt by them comes in a pack that includes both the lips and without, which was a nice surprise.

And if you couldn’t see in the picture, yes, that is a digital pet (reminiscent of tamagochis) and it is made by Intrigue Co. Here’s a close up:

And yes, you can click on the buttons and they’ll bring up different animations.

I couldn’t decide between the ankh, or the totally 90s alien from Yummy. They are sold seperately, but I layered them together. The eyeliner, is the Glam Affair liner I mentioned earlier, but tinted blue.

I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much at Collabor88, but I’m in love.

Click here for your Collabor88 taxi, and get shopping.

Skin: ItGirls – Chloe Pale
Lipstick: ItGirls – Wixson lipstick 8
Hair: (NO) – Raver Buns in Pastel Green
Bindi: (NO) – Blue Bindi
Tights: (NO) – Tie-dye cut out leggings
Shirt: (fd) – Crew Crop in tie-dye orange
Skirt: u.f.o. – wave cutting denim skirt in vintage
Necklaces: Yummy – Ankh and Alien
Bracelets: Maxi Gossamer – Little Love Heart Hoop Bangles
Digital pet: Intrigue Co. – Woof
Shoes: DECO-Some Boots in Blue


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