NEW from Rachel Breaker

I could easily blow everything I have at Rachel Breaker’s store. I guarantee you have never seen anything like it. She has a lot of quirky items, and recently release a few different hoods.

The Luchador Zippr hood is actually from a gacha vendor at her store. It’s 100L a play, or you can buy the color changing hood for 300L. She has two other new hoods, one with a duck bill and another shaped like a robot.

The Big Shirt comes with a variety of sayings including “I’m Scared of You, I Don’t Trust You, ” “/Me Cries,” and “THere’s nothing wrong with me.” I’m wearing “Don’t Tell Mom.” Each shirt comes with a tintable version.

On the left, Whales is wearing Zippur hoodie by Rachel, which includes a color changing hud.

Other credits:
Boots on me: Oraus Walker – Boots and High Socks w/ color change hud
Sexy diva necklace on Whales: RYCA – sexydiva
Raider Hat: Putain Co. – Raider Hat


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