it’s winter somewhere

Whales was wearing this amazing coat, and  when I gushed over it, he told me it came in women’s too. While Lucien Marcelo appears to be mostly men’s, a lot of it is unisex and totally something I’d like in real life.

Whales also got Lucien’s shoes. The detail is absolutely amazing, and that’s coming from someone with really crappy graphics. And that beanie is from a very new designer, Jchrominario. His brand, [Gold], makes some amazing accessories. He does have a marketplace, but there’s more in his store.

My shoes are by Gos and quite possibly the most i’ve ever spent on a pair of shoes on SL. Well, well worth it. Comes in five sizes, with the option to wear the boots up and laced, or down like pictured above.

I’m looking pretty androgynous today, but I wasn’t willing to part with the bleeding mouth and bruised face by Action. The best part of the the bleeding mouth is that it’s mesh and re-sizable so it looks more realistic, and will fit any mouth.


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