Breast enhancers have become increasingly popular the last couple months. I had slink feet, and slink hands, boobs were really the last to complete me (with the exception of a custom mesh head i’m trying to get).

I was never a huge fan of the fake breasts, because a lot of the clothing made for it isn’t my style, and I’m somewhat of a conservative dresser. But with the popularity breast came all sorts of booby events including Lubbly Jubblies, Hello Titty Tuesdays, The Boobies Show, and Bewbapalooza; so it would be really hard for me not to find something I like.

For the upcoming Bewbapalooza, American Bazaar has released these really cute denim tops with appliers. I think it fits my style well, and doesn’t go over the top like some Lola outfits.

Bewbapalooza is a monthly event that starts on the first Friday of every month, so in a few days!


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