Throwback Thursday – Donna Flora

When I first started getting into SL fashion, Donna Flora was one of the first places I started shopping. While she was known for her elegant dresses, I was really drawn to her more quirky and unique dresses.

I absolutely adored this carousel dress, wore it to death. I don’t think I’ve received as much compliments on anything I have ever worn on SL as I had with this dress. Years later, Donna Flora is still quite popular, however she does need your help. She is very sick, too sick to play Second Life, where she makes a lot of her income. Love Donna Flora will be an event held later this summer to help her pay for her medical bills and to just show her support and love. The event is looking for volunteers, so please stop by their blog and see if  there’s anything that might suit you. Additonally you can leave warm comments for Squinternet herself.


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