Why I won’t buy your 1L demo…

We all have things on SL that tick us off — and many of them are small, totally unreasonable, and make us sound like whiny babies.  Well, I have something to get off my chest.

When I’m shopping, in-world or marketplace, I like to get demos. I’ve been duped into purchasing badly made products before, so now I like to be safe rather than sorry. When I’m about to drop some money on a good pair of shoes, or a new hair I don’t want want to have to pay 1L to try it on.

Demos are samples, and to me, a sample is free. Imagine walking around Costco (I don’t know how many will actually get this reference), and each aisle has two-three samples, and there are six aisles of food. And you can’t wait to try out the cream puffs, or the pizza bites, or the microwavable taquitos. You go to take a morsel of eggroll and Costco suddenly slaps your hand and demands a nickel for it. By the time you leave Costco you’ve spent nearly a dollar on samples.

It says a couple things to me–

It tells me you’re trying to squeeze every cent you can out of your customers. While they may only get 5L out of you, they profit a lot from it. If a popular store charges 1L per demo, and they sell 500 demos a day, it all adds up. That’s 500L of unwearable products they’re selling a day, and 3500L they’re making a week. It just seems tacky to me.

Or it tells me your store isn’t popular, and you’re trying to make something, if anything out of your store. Also tacky.

For the record, I don’t buy 1L demos, and I usually won’t purchase from a store that does that. I guess it’s an unintentional boycott. I just see it, and I’m turned off. Please tell me someone else out there understands.


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2 Responses to Why I won’t buy your 1L demo…

  1. Monerda says:

    I agree completely and I almost never buy L$1 demos either! “Almost never”, because well erm I’m a pushover sometimes lol, but really c’mon peeps!

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