Tableau Vivant For Hair Fair 2013

I am a sucker for everything Tableau Vivant. Which is great because they’re having a 50%-75% Re-opening sale.  Essentially everything is on sale, and all C88 items are back to there C88 prices.

Even though I have been swamped with a RL move and other obligations, I have finally been able to pick up these two hair designs I’ve been wanting from Tableau Vivant at the Hair Fair.



My favorite part about Tableau Vivant hair is the way they divide the colors. They are divide by seasons (even Monsoon!) and each pack contains a variety of colors. Instead of just getting all blonde, or just browns, each pack contains a little more than that. For instance Fall has a range of reds and browns, while winter has a range of browns and blacks.

I couldn’t resist getting Monsoon, because I’m really into the ombre type hair, and I like having the chance to add a little bit of color.

Taxi to Tableau Vivant’s booth.

Also, some of you may recognize the dress I’m wearing from the Lubbly Jubblies event. It’s from the current one, and it’s by American Bazaar. While it does come with applier, I loved it without them. Also, the grey part is actually sheer, but I added all layers of the dress to make a modern tube dress. I love it.


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