SLOCCA: Second Life Original Content Creators Association

Maybe recently you’ve noticed a little logo next to some of the products you purchase on SL– A little silver badge with the acronym SLOCCA. SLOCCA stands for “Second Life Original Content Creators Association,” and it’s a group meant to highlight designers who truly create their own content.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m a bit over mesh templates. They’re overused and abused. As a blogger, I want to promote and support quality items made by people who took their time doing it.  SLOCCA has a small directory on their website of these creators, and it’s actually helped me find new designers to check out.

**Honey*Soul is a SLOCCA designer I just had the pleasure of discovering. She made this really cute, summery halter top. I paired it with another windswept hair by (fd) for the Hair Fair.

The shorts you may recognize from this month’s C88, by u.f.o, and I’ve been wearing them all month. The skin is by The Skinnery, it’s Poppi from The Arcade SL.


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2 Responses to SLOCCA: Second Life Original Content Creators Association

  1. I feel the same about templates. I know a couple of designers who really make a big effort to make them look different, but sadly, many of them just do some recoloring and call it a day

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