Strawberry Singh’s Flat Rod Meme

Strawberry’s latest blog opens up with, “Have you ever read Flat Stanley?”

Yes, yes, a million times, yes.

I have yet to participate in any of her meme’s, but I liked the idea of this one. She has put up a cutout of Rodvik Linden on her marketplace for you to grab and take around with you in-world.

I thought I’d take it to Rachel Breaker’s Off The Wall sim and play hide and seek. My computer can only take so much, so the final shot was less than satisfactory. Here it is below.

and for you own “seek” pose, check out Pin Me Up Poses.


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3 Responses to Strawberry Singh’s Flat Rod Meme

  1. hahahaha that’s really cute!

  2. emilymarik says:

    I agree. I like the hide-and-seek pose!

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