My new favorite skin

Kooqla has just stumbled into my heart. I heard about Kooqla literally a couple hours ago when I saw this beautiful face on Flickr. I went over to the sim to see if they did female skins as well, and there I found Mango.

The skin is o perfect, it almost makes my head look mesh. I’m working on a new shape for it, so my head at the moment is a little alien-like. I should also note that they have breast appliers for it that are free, and the make up tattoo layers run really cheap. The lip layer was only 50L.

I’m still crazy about that male skin, and I imagine I’ll be giving my male alt a make over soon.

Hair is by Burley, and bodysuit is by Maitreya.

EDIT: I decided to take a picture of me in it wearing my normal shape. I love it just the same.

The pose is by mien poses for the Love Donna Flora! event. And Chelle has made the tattoo for the same event.


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