Group worth the Joining Fee?

How bummed do I get when I see a group gift I want from a group that costs to join? Super bummed. But if the group gift and the joining fee are reasonable, I’m willing to do it.

The last two groups I paid to join were the Alice Project VIP Group and Birdy Skins VIP group.  The Alice Project had two “Create Your Own” designs up, and a free color hud. Melissa, pictured here, was breathtaking, and I deemed it worth it.

I had also been dying to try out Birdy, and since the group was only 50L to join and came with a free skin, I thought– why not? Birdy also has feet and hand appliers for only 1L. It’s been killing me to have to shell out 200L for appliers.

Lastly, I’m wearing one of my favorite dresses on the grid by {Zaara}. I saw my good friend, Ouch, wearing it. I gushed over it and she surprised me by gifting it to me. When I first joined SL, Zaara’s was the first store I purchased from. I bought a shawl that I wore with every outfit. Her styles have always been up to date and flawless.

So for you guys are there any groups you glad you paid for? Any you wish you would’ve saved the $L on?


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3 Responses to Group worth the Joining Fee?

  1. zion says:

    I paid for the Diktator Group but there aren’t any notices, updates group gifts or anything. Purple Moon and Liv Glam and Gos are amaing they update regularly have great group gifts and give group discounts.

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