New from Ducknipple

Ducknipple has released some beautiful items this past month. And as always, each item comes with a color changing HUD so that you can choose whatever color fits your mood. Pictured below are Ducknipple’s “Droll Skirt,” “Opelia Gloves,” and their “Seabird Wedges.”

I don’t think I’ve ever owned a pair of sneakers on SL. And if I have, I definitely threw them in the back of my inventory somewhere– I’m just a wedge/heel kind of girl. But these sneakers are just like the very popular sneaker-wedges I’ve been seeing everywhere offline. I’ll definitely be wearing these a lot.

I’m also particularly fond of these gloves. I think they’re really versatile and can be dressed up or down. All of these items can be found on Ducknipple’s marketplace.

I also wanted to get a better picture of the gift skin from Birdy that I discussed in my last post. The finish is so pretty and has nice dewy highlights in all the right places. I can picture myself investing in one of their skins.

Other credits:
Hair: Ploom – Neopunk
Shirt: OUTrage – The Caprice Crop (20L)
Nails: Bamboo – Tuxedo


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