10 Things to Do Before Summer is Gone

Summer is coming to close. It’s time to recycle that mile-high beer can pyramid, and toss those empty pizza boxes. Still, I’m sure there’s a lot you need to get done with before it ends. Here’s a list of some must-dos before we leave Summer ’13 behind us forever.

1) Celebrate Collabor88’s birthday
In celebration of a year, Collabor88 put together the largest collection of designers it has ever had. The theme is Roaring 20s, and as you can imagine there are a lot of sequins, glitter, and vintage gowns.

2)Grab a spot in Bitch Tail’s photo contest. 
Bitch Tail holds a photo contest that begins once all the slots have been filled and lasts for 14 days. Over half the slots are filled, so you’ll have to get yours quick. The photo with the most votes wins 10,000L. A slot costs 50L, and can be found here.
3) Start saving for The Arcade. 
If you’re like me, you anticipate this event like no other. This is just a reminder to think before you purchase. Need motivation to save up? Intrigue Co, Shi, O.M.E.N., Apple Fall, Hopscotch, and Flowey have already begun putting up sneak peeks (click links to see).

4) Join SLX Connect.
This newly launched social media site for Second Life mimics Facebook. It’s still new, and there is plenty of room for improvement, but I already find it easier and more user friendly than plurk. And of course, you’ve got to add me.
5) Leave a message for Squinternet
Hopefully you were able to make it for the Love Donna Flora! Event which closed August 11 and raised an amazing $12,619.45. If you did, or if you’re still interested in helping Squinternet, leave her a message on the Love Donna Flora! blog. Or, if you’re looking for blogger inspiration, photograph yourself in some of her designs and add it to the pool.
6) Learn to build or sculpt.
While this isn’t a time sensitive idea, I know you’ve all wondered at least once in your life if you were capable of creating something for Second Life. Maybe you’ve even downloaded Blender with the intention of learning it. Well while you’ve got the extra time this summer, why not give it a go? I’m hardly computer savvy, and was able to make the mug from this two part tutorial in a quick amount of time. Maaaybe it wasn’t perfect, and maaaaybe I need some practice, but it felt like a nice accomplishment.

7) Check out the revamped Acid Lily Gallery.
I’m going to honest, the previous Acid Lily Gallery had less than stellar brands as far as my taste goes. But during their break they reached out to designers such as O.M.E.N., fri.day, and Rachel Breaker and now I’ve fallen in love with the event.
8) Hangout with Rodvik Linden
Every Monday, as I’m sure most of you know, Strawberry Singh puts together a little blogger challenge called “Monday Memes.” In one of them, she challenged her readers to take a cutout of Rodvik Linden to a sim of their choice. I guess that’s why I’m asking you to do this. I love browsing through the comments and seeing what everyone has done, and where they’ve gone. I’m always on the look out for sims to photograph on.

9) Join The Seraphim Social book club
I’m guilty of not checking this one out yet, but Seraphim has put together a book club and shopping event called The Seraphim Social. They hold discussion groups regarding the group during the month, and at the end the put together a shopping event where designers sell their items based on the theme of the book.
10) And lastly, enjoy your swimwear
Because after the summer, swimwear and tropical scenery may seem a little out of place.


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4 Responses to 10 Things to Do Before Summer is Gone

  1. zeesl says:

    “Start saving for the Arcade”. Easier said than done…I’m trying SOOOO hard! *sniff*

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