Collabor88 for September

I decided to reward myself for spending so little at The Arcade by spending a lot more at Collabor88. I initially went over to pick up one thing, but of course that never actually happens. The theme was Fall into Fall. 99% of the reason it’s my favorite season is because of the apparel.

Before you say anything, I am absolutely aware that my avatar has no eyebrows. I chose to go browless to highlight how some brands are now offering browless skins. This saves me a lot of time tinting tattoo layers so that I can utilize all the add-on brows I have. Both Birdy and THESKINSHOP offer browless skins. I’m on the prowl for some more, so if you know of any other brands, please let me know, I’ll be ever so grateful.

So what was the one thing I had to pick up? I saw Tyr working on the foxtail add-on on her flickr. The final result was so beautiful. I can’t believe it’s taken so long for someone to make one, but it was certainly worth the wait.

Full Credits:
Skin: Birdy – Gothique from TCF
Hair: Eater’s Coma – Group Gift #3 (free)
Hat: Milk Motion – Veiled Beanie for C88
Top: Tres Blah – Short Sleeve Blouse for C88
Shorts: ISON – Pleated Shorts for C88
Undershirt: Beautiful Dirty Rich – Halloween Gift from 2011 (unavailable)
Cape: Milk Motion – Wool Cape for C88
Boots: ISON – Cult Riding Boots for C88
Foxtail – Auxiliary for C88


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