Advice For Ebbe Altberg?

I have never followed who is and isn’t in charge of Linden Lab, and that’s primarily because I’ve never had any real complaints. After all, I’m hardly a content creator, I don’t own land, and I keep mostly to myself. But when you do rely on Lindens and/or invest a lot of your life into SL, all of this matters. So in case you haven’t heard by now, LL has a new CEO, Ebbe Altberg.  And what better way to welcome him then with an SL Universe thread with a list of demands. Okay, so maybe they weren’t demands, but the post is called  “Advice for Ebbe Altberg from the User Base.” Immediately after being posted the forum was filled with silly suggestions like “Don’t do drugs” and “run to the hills,” but slowly real concerns started to pop up. And this triggered convoluted paragraphs and angry complaints. Still, amidst it all were valid suggestions:

1) “Hire some actual designers. Not IT professionals- ART/DESIGN professionals.”  -bronxelf
I saw this posted more than once in different wording, but I think it’s a good suggestion. It is 2014. Why am I still seeing prim-based buildings with stock image textures? And it’s not like we’re short talented content designers.

2) Bring back last names, please! -Jasmyn
Okay, okay I’ll admit that I do miss getting creative with alt names. Last names were fun, and it’s always fun to bump into people with the same last name as you.

3) The tier is too damn high. -Eunoli Rain
I can’t imagine paying 300 bucks a month for land. That’s always sounded absurd to me– probably because it’s a little under half of my real life rent. Issues with land and tier came up most often throughout the thread.

4) LL has a history of either not communicating at all, or when they do, it becomes epic fail. -Beezle Warburton
Repeated over and over again throughout the forum was LL’s communication skills– or lack thereof. In addition to just reaching out to inform or ask for advice,  I think what users would like to see from LL is participation in SL flickrs, blogs, forums, and social media. Additionally, it’d be nice for there to be help when it’s needed. There was only one time I really wanted to make an effort to contact LL, and it’s when my account was banned. I had to send a few tickets before getting my account back (a few months later), and there wasn’t an available hotline to deal with it– just a billing number. Though, I know there is a number but they keep it guarded.

5)Please fix group chat -Cristiano
Error starting a new chat session with (group name). Error making request, please try again later.


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