New From MOON

If you’ve been to Silent Acoustic’s flickr lately, then you know she has a handful of new and upcoming hair releases. Besides the few releases you can get directly at her shop, MOON will have new releases at The Chapter Four, The Big Show, and Collabor88.

From left to right: Windmill, Sinner, and Nevermind. Fringe tops also by MOON

For Collabor88, which starts tonight, she will also be releasing this cute fringe tubetop, which is very appropriate for spring.

Of all her hair releases my favorite is Hush, which will be available at Collabor88 as well. I had been struggling looking for a hair that fit behind this awesome batman mask by Birdy for TMD, and it was perfect. It’s superhero hair.

Top foto
Skin: Essences – Lorde
Top: MOON} – Fringe Tubetop (Collabor88 April)
Shorts: U.F.O. – Give It To Me Shorts
Hair: MOON} – Windmill (The Big Show) , Sinner (Collabor88), Nevermind (The Big Show)

Bottom foto
Shorts: NYU – Hot Shorts, black
Cape: Milk Motion (black)
Batman mask: Birdy for TMD


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