This Must Be The Place

I thought I’d brighten up my skybox with a little creative corner.

Someone IM’d me today and asked me what kind of books I like to read. That’s a tough question, it’s like asking someone what kind of music they listen to. For awhile I was really into books set during WWII (Well, Catch 22 and Slaughterhouse Five). Then I had my sci-fi phase where I was obsessed with Phillip K. Dick. I also went through a Barbara Kingsolver binge at one point. But my favorite book is a three way tie between Dracula, Frankenstein, and True Grit (which one doesn’t fit, haha).

What books would you recommend for me?


Hat: DECO – Straw Hat
Sweater: ASO! – Autumn Knit
Tank: [VG] Beater Tank – Yellow
Jeans: Ricielli – Highwaisted Jeans
Hair: Pr!tty – Marzia


Vanity Desk – Tres Blah (old Arcade gacha)
Book piles & Plates – Arcana
Typewriter – floorplan.
Tea trolley and tea cup – Apple Fall


About Raquella Warrhol

Andy is not my brother, husband, or father.
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2 Responses to This Must Be The Place

  1. Tatiana Dokuchic says:

    Love your creative corner!

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