WowMeh Liquid Mesh Body

By now you’ve all heard of the WowMeh liquid mesh body. I love mesh body parts, because they allow for smoother edges which is just more pleasing to look at. But when everyone has the same hands, and the same butt, the same breasts, and the same head we all sort of start to look alike. WowMeh changes all of that. The body is fitted mesh, which means that when you move sliders, as I’ll demonstrate in the video. This means we can still customize every part of our mesh body.  The picture above is unedited, and looks as it does in-world.

Below is a quick overview and video of the body. It’s a little stiff as my computer is on it’s last leg, but it gives you a good idea of how everything works:

Initially the body sold for 350L, but it has gone up to 599. I don’t know if it will go up in price, but you should buy it while it’s still relatively cheap. With free updates for life, it can really only get better.


Skin: Birdy – Maisy (VIP Gift)
Hair: Ploom – Recycle
Socks: Rachel Breaker – Lousy Socks
Pose: Aushka and Co


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9 Responses to WowMeh Liquid Mesh Body

  1. Xanthe says:

    Oh a video review! Handy! Thanks Raquella ❤

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  3. Aiko Maeda says:

    got it but no hud on it :O…. normal ?

  4. This blog totally rocks my socks! After all sorts of questions and digging around, you covered the things I wanted to know. Which spurred me on to go buy it. FYI, totally cost 899L in MP. So price is certainly going up. But who can blame them…

  5. Seems Wowmeh has been hit with a DCMA, and their shape was taken down by LL. The owner has been forwarded the DCMA defense info on this board, though, and will hopefully take defensive action.

    • That’s so strange, I wonder how that happened. Baby Ghosn is responsible for the toddleedoo shapes so I’m sure they have no problem proving it’s their original work.

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