INSITU’s Kiku Skin is Gorgeous

So before I go into my skin review, I thought I’d share a couple of news items.

Most residents are aware that someone had filed a DMCA takedown against WowMeh. And while Baby has been keeping pretty quiet about things, many of you shared your concerns and theories via WowMeh’s inworld group. Because of this, I think it’s important that everyone reads Baby’s update (read here). It seems as though she will continue to update WowMeh, but after completely revamping some of the body parts to be 100% original. For more info on what WowMeh is please see my past blog.

I also wanted to quickly mention that the Hair Fair is coming up in a little under a month, however their annual photo contest ends in a few days. For your chance to win store credit and earlier access, take a picture that represents this year’s theme which is “music.” For more info on how to enter visit the Hair Fair blog.

Now onto the review

INSITU recently caught my attention with the release of their newest skin, Kiku. Before I committed myself to purchasing Kiku, I went to the inworld store to try out their other demos. Kiku was by far my favorite for a couple reasons.

For one, I loved the areas they highlight. The bridge of the nose and decolletage are so beautiful and detailed. I also loved the crease of the eye. There isn’t a lot of makeup, just a natural looking contour. It’s probably the make up artist in me that yearns for this skin.

The skin pack comes with the shade of your choice (in this case I bought Canella), a single hud that applies to all of your basic mesh bodies parts (visage head, Loud Mouth, Phat & Cute Azz, SLink hands/feet, and Lola Tangos), freckle & mole tattoo layers, versions with and without bust, and a no brows version. That’s an incredible deal for just 499L.

Full Credits:

Hair: Fashionably Dead – Sunday in Rainbow 2
Lingerie: Whippet & Buck – Heirloom in Agnes
Brows: Beauty No. 1 – Cara
Poses: Ploom. – Push Pose Set for current Level Up


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