Summerfest ’14

Summerfest is back, and it’s just as great as last year. One of my favorite items was this sailboat from the gacha machine at the Tarte booth. I told myself I would only pull once, and on my first try I got the pineapple rare. I’m not usually that lucky. Ploom. also has a booth where you can pick up Holli. Holli is very beach and wavy. I love the volume on it.

I recommend walking around the sim if you computer can handle the lag. Like last year, Summerfest has a photogenic sim, where any spot makes for a great summer photo. If you computer can’t handle it, I recommend S4A. It’s an adult sim, and there are definitely people around have sex, but the beaches there are so beautiful and you don’t have to worry about lag.

After my shopping was done, I wanted a cute pose that looked like I was jumping in the water. Bounce This Poses had a really great set I found on marketplace for a really great price.

Other Credits:

Skin: INSITU – Kiku in Canella
Kimono: Tres Blah – Summer Kimono in Floral (at summerfest)
Swimsuit: Pixicat – Swimsuit in Pastel (at summerfest)
Anklet: Noodles – Harmony Foot Rope in Brown (at summerfest)


About Raquella Warrhol

Andy is not my brother, husband, or father.
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