Ploom for the Hair Fair

Ploom Hair from left to right: Plasma, Carrie, Honey, & Pickle

Over the next week I’ll be posting updates from the Hair Fair. I’m sure I don’t have to go into great detail about what the Hair Fair is. After all, it’s been the most popular annual event for 9 years now; all while raising money for Wigs for Kids.

These four hairs are by Ploom. and I’m in love with them. I’m particularly fond of Carrie (second from the left) which reminds me of a hair Ploom. made awhile ago called Beehive which has always been a favorite of mine. Plasma (far left), comes with a bow that is modify, so I stretched it big– Helga Pataki style. You can find these hairs in the section titled “Brunette” at the Hair Fair.

I should also note that every dress I’m wearing is from ColdLogic, which is having a 50% off sale that ends today.

Other Credits:

Poses: Aushka&Co – Annie
Skin: Essences – Lorde
Brows: Skinnery – Bushy Brows (Rhapsody event)


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