Last Dance For Love

My roommate once went through this phase of OKCupid dating. For the most part all of the guys she dated from there were cool, but for one reason or another they never totally worked out. I remember one guy in particular I wasn’t going to allow to stick around. He was poking around our studio and saw my record collection and was baffled as to why I had so many Donna Summer albums. “Because Donna is the queen.”

I had an idea of where I wanted to take this photo, and Rollerballs was really the perfect spot. It’s a roller rink decorated in 70s fashion, and has a lot of vintage roller derby posters around. They even have a free pair of roller skates for you (not picture).

I’m absolutely in love with Soy‘s Tapeman which will be in a gacha machine at Kustom 9. It comes with two versions, one with a cord that wraps around the Walkman, and one that hangs. You can also change the cord from  black to white.

Full Credits:

Skin: Skinnery – Poppi (Cavier) – Past Arcade
Hair: Ohmai – Eli (Hair Fair)
Eyeliner: Moon – Obsession Eyeliner
Freckles: DeeTalez – More Freckles (from Gemma Skin, I believe it’s free in demos)
Top: Teefy – Lenka Bralet
Shorts: NYU – Gold Hotpants (From Love Donna Flora event, I didn’t see them in mainstore)
Skates: The Secret Store – Roller Skates (Disco White) Past arcade


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