FATEplay’s 1 Year Anniversary Contest

So between my surgery, my 13 day work week, and the Chile Verde Meet Laptop Fiasco ’14, it’s been hard to keep up with blogging. Things should slow down now, but I owe an apology to FATEwear for not getting this up on my blog sooner.

This outfit called “Willow” comes from FATE’s FATEplay collection to celebrate it’s one year anniversary. It comes in both a male version and female version as well as 4 different coloring versions. In addition to the huge new release, which includes a series of nuclear holocaust survivor characters, they’re having a photo contest where you have a chance to win all future FATEplay releases. You can submit a photo featuring FATEplay clothing to the official FATEdesign Flickr group now through August 21st for a chance to win.

Skin: Essences: Amaranth (Light Rose)
Outfit: FATEPlay – Willow Dark
Bolo Tie: ISON – Ram Bolo
Hat: OVH – Classic Black
Hair: Kik – Tasha


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