The Men’s Dept August

The Men’s Dept started up a few days ago. I’ve never really been a big fan of tattoos on SL, but lately both my female and male avatars have been wearing Reckless tattoos. I’m glad Vale Koer has been participating in TMD, because his accessories are always so well textured, and I love how they’re always unisex. The backpack comes with two versions, one that hangs on your back with one strap,and one that you wear with two.

Skin: Kooqla – Gray
Tattoo: Reckless – Veepers
Hair: [INK] – Zeus Beard/Hair (C88)
Shirt: Amerie – Baceball Shirts (TMD)
Pants: Spirit Store – Romana Boyfriend Pants
Backpack: Vale Koer – Backpack
Pose: Expressive Poses – Noah


About Raquella Warrhol

Andy is not my brother, husband, or father.
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