Wayfarer’s Rest

I first fell in love with Culprit when I bought their rocket ride. When I asked for suggestions on where i can buy a new house, Culprit came up and I had no idea at the time they even sold houses. Well they do, and they’re beautiful.

The Wayfarer’s Rest house is a small one room, lighthouse with a small loft. And at only 57 prims, it’s a really good addition to any home. I haven’t done any landscaping yet, but even alone the house is really cute.

On the inside you can see there’s a small room with a ladder that leads to the loft. I’m decorating mine to be more like a small office. I really love the underwater helmet by Kalopsia, so I’m glad I finally have a place to put it. It’s a really cute house, and you can go to Culprit’s sim to see it in person.


Book chair: Kalopsia
Underwater Helmet: Kalopsia
Rolling side table: junk.
Boat bed: Cheeky Pea
Wall maps (both of ’em): Floorplan.
Clock: by Bob Resident, not for sale atm.
Other bed: Junk.
House: Wayfarer’s Rest by Culprit


About Raquella Warrhol

Andy is not my brother, husband, or father.
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