MOON hair for Swag Fest 2014

Typically I cringe at the use of the word “Swag” (in fact I cringed a little at typing that), but when I saw the preview of MOON’s hair for Swag Fest. I became excited to see what else will come from that event. 

These are two new hair releases (Spit at Stars & Insect Religion respectively) which will be found at Swag Fest which starts August 30th. I’d like to take a moment to just give Silent Acoustic a compliment. MOON’s releases get better and better every time I see them. Spit at Stars will probably stay on my head for a long time. and the ombre is perfect.

For more previews for Swag Fest, you can browse SL Inventory’s page on facebook for it. If you’re not familiar with SL Inventory, you should definitely take a look. I’m not sure who runs the page, but they scour flickr and plurk for essentially every new release coming to SL. Speaking of Facebook, you can now *~find me on facebook~* I made it recently to follow brands and bloggers, but it seems like there is a quite a community on there, and I’ve been getting some adds. 

And what would you do if I told you that you had an opportunity to get an early access pass to the Arcade? Well you do! Starting Wednesday (Aug 27) at 5PM SLT, the coordinators of the Arcade will be selling early access passes to the arcade for 5000L. These passes will let you into the arcade four hours before it opens. There are only 20 available so you’ll have to act fast.  There’s been a lot of debate about this, and in my opinion it’s a great idea. After all, the Arcade is own their own sim this month, and it will help offset costs for them. My guess is that many people IM them each round offering to pay for early access, so this was their compromise. It’s smart. I personally don’t see myself needing early access, but if someone is desperate enough for it, so be it! It’s their lindens, not mine.

Other Credits:
Skin: Insitu – Kiku (Rose)
Crowns: ISON – Royal Crown
Septum: Whatever – Septum Piercing (TDR)
Shirts: on the left; Tee*fy – Gianna, on the right; ColdLogic – Hache top
Pants: The Secret Store – Rise Skinny Jeans
Poses: Ploom. – Sin (District 5)


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