Uber for September

The end of August marked the end of the world. Sort of.

It was actually just the start of Uber‘s second-ever round and the theme just happens to be “apocalypse.” Uber is a new, monthly, themed event that features new, original mesh products. I wish there were more themed events on SL. There are plenty of events that cater to SL body parts, or the gacha addictions, but not enough that inspire creativity the way that themed events do.

You can see pictures of all the great items the designer’s created for this round on Uber’s official website.

Full credits:

Skin: Essences – Tila
Hair: Clawtooth – Windswept
Tank: [VALE KOER] – Tank Top
Shorts: MoliChino – Swimborne Shorts
Kneepads: COCO (Uber)
Tank: Soy. – My Lung (Uber)
Shoes: ILO – Tobacco (Past Arcade item)
Trains: Kalopsia (Uber)
Pose: Del May – Looking Back


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