Home & Garden Expo 2014

The 7th Annual Home & Garden Expo starts today and will be spread out among nine sims and feature over 85 designers. Yeah, that’s a lot, take that all in.

The expo is one of many events put on by RFL of SL. Over the 10 seasons RFL of SL has been around, they’ve raised over $415,000 USD for Relay For Life and the The American Cancer Society.

They’ve also put together an awards ceremony to recognize the best designers of home & garden for SL. You can cast your votes for The Rezzie Awards here.

Chair, Ceiling Fan, Canvases: Apple Fall for H&G Expo.
Cloud & Floating Swing: Serenity Style for H&G Expo


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2 Responses to Home & Garden Expo 2014

  1. JA says:

    when does it start? it’s the 16th where i am and i won’t be around for a month so I’m trying to get in to buy and donate and all that. Hope it’s soon I would like to attend!

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