The Men’s Dept for October

I really wanted to update my male avatar to something more classy, and more handsome. I was having a hard time, until I found La Penderie  de Jules‘s beard. Honestly, putting on this beard makes your avatar an instant babe.

COCO released this suit for TMD and I’m in love. They also released it in a women’s version for FaMESHed. Unfortunately, COCO’s sizes always run to big for my female avatar, but at least I can enjoy it on my male avatar.

If you’re wondering about the funny shadow over my avatar, that’s my lovely friend Aida’s hat. I told her I didn’t want to retake it because I liked having it there. She’s my buddy!


Skin: The Body Co. – Blaze
Scarf: Mandala @ TMD
Hair: Taketomi @ TMD


About Raquella Warrhol

Andy is not my brother, husband, or father.
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