Something about Autumn

I’m really uninformed when it comes to picturesque sims. I asked about some great fall sims on plurk had some great responses. I was suggested Frisland, Izzie’s, Small Town of Green, The Trace, and Vespertine (which is where this photo was taken).

I needed an autumn sim to go with this beautiful oversized sweater by Eaters Coma, which is being sold at The Season’s Story at the moment. It comes with a cropped turtleneck to go under, but the sweater is big enough that it fits almost any shirt underneath. This is good, because I found the turtle neck to be rigged a little weird in the torso area, I suggest demo-ing first. Also by Eaters Coma is this hair (#55), which comes with a hat. I know I’ve mentioned previously that I’m a sucker for hair that comes with a hat attached. I’m so bad at fitting hats.

Other Credits:
Skin: Skinnery – Poppi in Champagne (Past Arcade)
Shirt: GATO – Balloon Shirt Rare (Gacha in mainstore)
Pants: Spirit Store – Kusa (at K9)


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