Hi there my name is Raquella Warrhol, and I’m a Second Life Blogger.

If you’re trying to seek me in-world, obviously IM is the best, however if you want to meet up I’ll be on Larette Island or Rude.

I have a hair named after me by Raw House. You can try it on here.

When I joined SL back in 2009, I looked like this:

I am a CSR for Fennux

I am also a blogger manager for Rachel Breaker and Vale Koer.

P.S. I luvvvv fitty.


4 Responses to About

  1. Fitty Something says:

    Eh, you’re okay.

  2. Fitty Something says:


  3. hello
    I am part of Love Dona Flora but I don’t know how it works with bloggers. May I send you one of my 10 creations to the event? All my creations will be 100% for Squinternet Larnia. Thank you

    bacidalucia Oh

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