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Advice For Ebbe Altberg?

I have never followed who is and isn’t in charge of Linden Lab, and that’s primarily because I’ve never had any real complaints. After all, I’m hardly a content creator, I don’t own land, and I keep mostly to myself. … Continue reading

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RL Topic: Miley Cyrus

I never discuss Miley Cyrus. In fact, this is the first time I’ve really ever had time to collect all my thoughts on her. I try to avoid the conversation when it comes up, mostly because I can’t stand the … Continue reading

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Should you feel threatened by a DMCA takedown?

During the Curio/Hush skins drama back in 2012, I often questioned who actually benefited from the DMCA. For me, Hush had so blatantly copied Curio as demonstrated here, that it didn’t make sense that Gala would be forced to remove … Continue reading

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I really don’t want to be that person…

So I know, a few days ago I posted some ramblings and rantings  about the Homeless Awareness Hunt. I’m not typically this much of a Negative Nancy, but I mean, this is my blog, and I use it as a … Continue reading

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10 Things to Do Before Summer is Gone

Summer is coming to close. It’s time to recycle that mile-high beer can pyramid, and toss those empty pizza boxes. Still, I’m sure there’s a lot you need to get done with before it ends. Here’s a list of some … Continue reading

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This doesn’t happen often– but I’m offended.

I really debated about blogging about this, but I wouldn’t be me if I ignored how I felt. I consider myself somewhat of  a politically and culturally aware person, but I also consider myself open-minded. Because of this, I feel … Continue reading

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Group worth the Joining Fee?

How bummed do I get when I see a group gift I want from a group that costs to join? Super bummed. But if the group gift and the joining fee are reasonable, I’m willing to do it. The last two groups … Continue reading

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